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biz job list

Michael Gordin Shore, Actor, Producer, Director, Designer, Technician, and Creator/Developer of C.A.S.T. - Job Experience List

The following is a list of some of the roles that Michael has played in the production and development of art, of media, of actors, and of careers.
Michael Gordin Shore has worked professionally in the following areas as:
In film and television industry:
Film and Television Producer
Assistant Director
On set acting coach
IATSE lighting operator/on set electrician
Director’s Guild of Canada (DGC) Locations Department
DGC Production Assistant
Locations Scout
Props Master
In the Theatre industry:
Managing and Artistic Director
Set Designer
Lighting Designer
Stage Manager
Stage Technician in lighting, sound, set construction
Front of House Manger and team member
As an acting coach/teacher:
Is Creator/Developer of the C.A.S.T film and television actor training system
Taught workshops in College
Taught workshops in Elementary School
Taught workshops in Acting Schools
Taught classes and workshops out of his own studios in Vancouver and Montreal
Taught for private individuals and groups
Consulted with Non actors to prepare them for presentations- ie sports celebrities, CEO’s for corporate presentations
Has coached and filmed, edited, and submitted online thousands of auditions
Has worked with learning disabled children, ie dyslexia and ADHD, using audition technique to teach mental endurance as well as reading, communication, and concentration skills.
In the field of Casting:
Worked as an audition room reader on countless projects
Worked as a casting associate on countless projects
Worked as a camera operator on countless projects
Worked as a casting consultant on countless projects
Has run casting sessions in multiple cities on behalf of casting directors, directors, and agents
In all, has had involvement in tens of thousands of individual auditions
As an educational consultant/events coordinator:
Has worked for over a decade with government and institutions of higher learning in the areas of teaching communication skills as part of involvement with Standardized Patient Process and the OSCE process. This process provides actors trained to do complicated patient simulations and it helps to teach and to objectively examine students in a variety of fields dealing with health care, including but not limited to The Medical Council of Canada, The Medical School of the University of British Columbia, The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, The BCIT School of Nursing, The Justice Institute of BC Paramedic Academy, and the Canadian Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Michael’s work as owner and head trainer of the company since 2002 included time spent
As an actor
As a trainer
As an administrator
As an events coordinator and a member of the events coordination team(these exams often involved 500 people and up)
As a case developer
As owner of the company that handled many of these contracts in the province of British Columbia from 2002-2008

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