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Shooting Auditions for Online Submissions
In our new age of technology, many of the different technical and artistic areas of Michael’s expertise come together as the use of the internet for casting submissions has increased exponentially. Today, many of the auditions are being filmed and submitted through the internet to casting directors in cities like Toronto, New York, Vancouver, or Los Angeles, and Michael’s skills in lighting, camera operating, coaching, reading and editing makes C.A.S.T. the ideal one stop shop for all the actor’s audition needs. Not only can Michael help the actor nail the audition on tape or in person, he can shoot it in professional quality if it needs to be submitted online, and he can take care of all the editing and online transfers, so you only pay one person instead of hiring a coach, a reader, and a camera op/editor. And then once you book the job, he can help you prepare for set so you can do your best work on the day. Chameleon Audition Survival Training will teach you how to excel at everything you do, at every stage of the process.
When Michael Gordin Shore coaches or shoots auditions, they get noticed. His actors have booked hundreds of jobs from live auditions, his taped auditions have booked many actors work without ever having stepped into the audition room, his demo reels have helped countless actors get agents, and his callback tapes have been requested by directors like Spike Jonze. One of Michael’s child actor clients was invited to audition for the lead in Where The Wild Things Are, and the director Mr Jonze loved the tape and the work so much he requested that Michael and his client shoot a callback tape in the woods on location.

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