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Michael Gordin Shore, Actor, Producer, Director, Designer, Technician,
Creator/Developer of C.A.S.T.
Michael Gordin Shore, creator and developer of the Film and Television actor training system called Chameleon Audition Survival Training or C.A.S.T., has been called by the National press “One of Canada’s most appreciated acting teachers” and “An Audition Coach Par Excellence”. As a stage actor he has been described in print as “Amazingly Talented” and his theatrical producing work has been hailed by critics as “Flawless”.
Michael is a professional theatre, film, and television actor from Montreal, Quebec, who holds degrees from both the John Abbott College Professional Theatre Program and the Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts Professional Theatre Program, and who has over a decade of on camera training for film and television since completing his theatre training. Michael has been featured as an actor in White Chicks, Stargate SG-1, Psych, Steven King’s The Dead Zone, and over twenty other film and television projects, his independent film roles have been seen in festivals around the world, and he has trained and performed for almost 40 years across Canada. Besides his more traditional theatre, film, and television work and his independent film work, he has also performed in as well as helped to create, produce, and premiere dozens of original, brand new Canadian plays.
Michael is a member of ACTRA/UBCP, and also has numerous Directors’ Guild of Canada, IATSE, Casting, and Producing credits. Based on his expansive experience in a multitude of areas of the film, television, and theatre biz, on his tens of thousands of audition experiences as an actor, as an audition coach, and as a casting team member, and on his extensive education and training in both the acting and the technical areas for both the stage and for the screen, he has developed C.A.S.T., which is a simple, effective, and highly successful method for training film and television actors, for coaching and filming auditions, and for preparing already booked actors for work on set.
C.A.S.T. is unique as a film and television actor training system because it incorporates critical information, perspective, and techniques that have not previously been included in the training of film and television actors. C.A.S.T. is a combination of the knowledge and experiences absorbed from 40 years of training and acting on stage and on screen, combined with the vital information gained by working for many years in the casting department, the technical departments, and as a film and television producer, all layered onto Michael’s decade of involvement with the teaching of communication skills to medical students.   C.A.S.T. is unique because it is designed not only to teach actors how to act and how to communicate beautifully, but also to teach them how to prepare for auditions, to book acting jobs, to prepare for set once those jobs are booked, how to work on set and to understand how it’s different than working in the vacuum of the studio, how the on set rehearsal process works, how to survive the day, the business, how to endure long term, and most importantly how to work and to behave like a professional both on set and off.
Michael uses his system to train actors from beginner to expert, from 5 to 75, who are interested in learning how to do more truthful, repeatable, bookable, on camera acting work. C.A.S.T. demystifies the audition process and arms the actor with techniques to prepare for auditions like a pro, to own the room and book the job, and to prepare for work on set once the job is booked.
Michael has taught acting, auditioning, and filmmaking workshops in Colleges, Elementary Schools, and Acting Schools, as well as out of his own studios and theatre.
Michael has also spent a decade contracted to a number of government institutions running his educational consulting company which is involved with the teaching of communication skills to and the examination of students in the medical field, a career which has allowed him the opportunity to create, develop, and to incorporate into his acting and into Chameleon Audition Survival Training certain methods and approaches, as well as new techniques and skills, not previously used to train Film/TV actors. The Standardized Patient Process provides actors who are trained to perform complex patient simulations for the purposes of helping to teach and to objectively examine students and professionals in a variety of fields dealing with health care. Some past clients for his Standardized Patient Pool and examination coordination work include the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (the MD licensing exam), the Paramedic Academy at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology School of Nursing. 

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